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GSA activities in the Ministry of Finance

Thu, 18/03/2004
Branch:Ministry of Finance
by: Jose L'Esperence

Purchasing and Supply Officer Cadre
The Association discussed with the Ministry on filling of vacancies, promotion prospects and creation of additional posts with regard to the Purchasing and Supply Officer.

Internal Control Cadre
The Association protested to Government on the question of Scheme of Service of Senior Internal Controller as there was an attempt to debar Internal Controllers from being promoted.

Letters was also sent showing concerns on the non filling of vacancies at the level of Internal Controller, Senior Internal Controller and Principal Internal Controller.

Revenue Authority
Government’s decision to set up a Revenue Authority has created a lot of fear and insecurity among our members namely Chief Inspector of Taxes and the Tax Clerk Cadre. The association has questioned this decision of Government and is expecting additional clarifications.

Income Tax
Several issues such as filling of vacancies/creation of posts, pertaining to Tax Clerks and Senior Tax Clerks have been raised with the Commissioner.