1945 - The Government Servants and Employees Association was created by Captain Leal and Mr. Raoul Nicolin. Its first President was Mr. Yves Lefbure.

From a tiny room in Port Louis, the Association moved to Beau Bassin, and was the first Association to cater for both white and blue collar workers.

The Government and Employees Association attended the first Whitley Council on 23 March 1949. Upon a motion tabled by Brother Eddy Norton, the Federation of Civil Service Union was materialilsed on 12 March 1957. The Government was then forced to issue the Establishment Circular No. 4 of 20 May 1959 and established the Civil Service Arbitration Tribunal.

The GSA maintained a constant struggle and deponed before the Ramage Salary Commission, Howes Salary Commission, Gardner Brown, Chesworth and Pay Research Bureau.

Some achievements are:

1.      1. Improved pay packet and security of employment

2.      2. Guaranteed pension and other retirement benefits

3.      3. Improved leave privileges

4.      4. Passage benefits

5.      5. Rationalisation of schemes of service

6.      6. Reclassification of manual workers

7.      7. Transfer of manual workers to PPE

8.      8. Uniforms and protective equipment

9.      9. 40 hours and 5-day week

10.  10. Duty free vehicles and many others.

As per the Industrial Relations Act of 1973, the Government Servants and Other Employees Association took its present name: Government Servants Association.

In 1956, the GSA became the owner of its building at Beau Bassin.

In 1962, it purchased a bungalow at Tombeau Bay.

In 1973, the GSA bought its present premises at Beau Bassin and erected its headquarters, a 2-storeyed building in 1984.

The Rodrigues branch was established in 1962 and there also GSA erected a building.



International Solidarity

GSA is affiliated to:

         - Public Services International

         - International Union of Food

         - Building and Wood Workers International

         - International Transport Federation

         - International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation

The GSA has also signed bi-lateral protocol agreements with South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, CGT of France and within Indian Ocean. Thus the GSA participated in numerous conferences and workshops.

In 1994, the Association created a Senior Citizens Association to cater for its retired members.

The Womens wing plays also an active part and they do care also for children of members where recreational activities are organized.

Education and training is a key element to development. The Association has set its own educational centre together with a reference library.

On the 31 July 1997, the GSA has also been the recipient of the Medaille de la Cit from the Municipality of Beau Bassin/Rose Hill.


The following services are offered by the Association:

a)      a) Provident Fund

b)      b) Benevolent Fund

c)      c) Legal Fund

d)      d) Cooperatives Credit Union

e)      e) A Guest House in Rodrigues

f)       f) Fidelity Card for discounts at various commercial firms